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Tuesday, September 19, 2006



uninstalling office 2007 did not work still not able to connect
my problems started not after installing Office beta2007 but after installing refresh to it, ????

my error message
Operation not applicable.

Context: open

BDE Error Cat:Code: [42:4]
BDE: 500 [4/11/1999] GoldMine: 6.70.50123


Radio Dude

I had the same error message, but I have never installed the Office 2007 beta. I did install IE 7 beta, but I don't think that is causing my problems.

Chad Smith

You may also get this with Microsoft Expressions.


Is this still a bug in the final release of office 2007?

Mike Catlett

I just tested Retail release Vista Ultimate and Office 2007 Enterprise and Goldmine 6.7 Corporate and EVERY thing works out of the box except goldmine link......

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