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Monday, January 08, 2007


Jon VanNevel

Good tip, Chad. Since we run dBase, and I know little about writing SQL queries, I run a filter to do a similar task.

I "police" (for lack of a better term) the contact input on a daily basis by running a filter- where "Createby" is equal to 1/8/07-(yesterday's date). I go to each record that is created and make sure the required info is contained. If it is not, I create a next action for that user to input the full data.

Keep up the good work.

Bob Lozinak

Chad, The SQL query will work in dBase with a little adjustment:
select source, count(*), max(accountno)
from contact1
where createon >= '1/1/2007' and createon <= '12/31/2007'
group by source
order by source

That worked fine for me. I just took the alias out.

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